10 Best Restaurants In Pune For Lunch

Best Restaurants In Pune For Lunch
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    Here is the List of Best Restaurants In Pune For Lunch 

    • Aaoji – Khhaoji

    Aaoji Khhaoji

    Conferring probably the most never-to-be-overlooked culinary experiences in their incomparable design, Aaoji Khhaoji has turned into a family bring in the realm of cooks and banqueters in Pune. With probably the most colourful and improbable foods on a platter, Aaoji-Khhaoji has steadily progressed throughout the year bringing the best of east and west all in all at your command. An ideal goal for everyone to have a stuffed and yummy lunch for the great value and worth.

    • Arizona Pool, Snooker And Cafe

    Arizona Pool, Snooker And Cafe

    An ideal gaming spot to relax with your friends, family and partners, Arizona Pool, Snooker and Cafe is a gaming lounge that offers quality Pool and Snooker Tables at truly sensible costs. Notwithstanding its gaming attractions, it is eminently known for its flavourful nibbles and the assortments of acceptable Maggi served here. The spot is generally visited by the students and working experts making it an extraordinary station for joint.

    • Cocoparra


    Cocoparra is thought for its remarkable smorgasbord lunch in Pune. Cocoparra is the café inside the Kharadi area that presents to you the entire thing looked for by a couple. The region has sluggish condition in the midst of lavish greenery, candlelit feasting with some karaoke, and great vibes. Cocoparra is made to meet the wants of flawless couples.

    • Bounty’s Sizzlers

    Bounty’s Sizzlers

    Bounty’s are a type of eatery one of a kind to Pune, offering meat, fish and vegetables cooked on hot iron frying pans and presented with different sauces and flavours. Of all the Bounty’s nearby, the little family-possessed Parsi people group cafés are top picks and, among these, Bounty’s is the best-cherished. Administration is energetic however productive and stylistic theme is best depicted as utilitarian. The nourishment, be that as it may, more than recovers the joint. While their forms of meat Bounty’s are the specialities, the chicken choices come especially prescribed.

    • Sen5es


    It’s straightforward why Sen5es is so well known with the expat network, since it has practical experience in great world food, served up in an agreeable and current setting. Open kitchens ignore the wide lounge area, glimmering wooden floors and glass boards mirror the enriching flames lit as night slips. Among the most loved dishes are the healthy rural tomato and basil soup, the delightfully crisp Caesar serving of mixed greens delicately battered fish sticks and French fries, and the delicious American T-bone steak. The supporters are astutely dressed and the air rich and liberal, with a variety of more than 100 mixed refreshments, including top quality wine and mixed drinks.

    • Savya Rasa, Koregaon Park

    Savya Rasa, Koregaon Park

    On the off chance that you adore great South Indian food and have for the longest time been waiting to investigate past the morning meal staples like idli, dosa and vada, you should go to Savya Rasa. This South Indian café serves best food from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, including all their non-vegan specialities too. The café is covered with notorious sanctuary themes and delightful Tanjore compositions. From here Chicken Chettinad, Appam, Filter Coffee Martini, Sea Food, Neer Dosa, Filter Kaapi, Mutton Stew are must testable.

    • Fish Curry Rice

    Fish Curry Rice

    Fish Curry Rice does precisely what the name suggests, to say the very least. Generally new on the scene, it immediately increased notoriety for its assortment and nature of superbly new, Maharasha style fish. Obviously at that point, the café is quite often stuffed out, with visitors savouring the experience of such customary beach front dishes as tisrey (infant shellfishes), bangda (mackerel), and a thorough scope of masala fish curries and fries. All the energy and heart here has gone straight into the nourishment; the setting and air is perfect and straightforward yet you won’t discover the experience lacking using any and all means, as the standard visitors will affirm.

    • Vaishali


    Confusingly named as a lodging, the same number of Indian eateries are able to do, Vaishali is fundamental food joint remaining in welcome difference to the costly inn cafés in the city. The humble conventional South Indian feasting spot is no less adored than the more advanced choices, and is in truth a specific most loved with the flourishing understudy network. Vaishali delights with the absolute best dosas, idlis and uttapams cooked by the accomplished staff. The café won’t take reservations, but is some way or another continually overflowing with those fortunate enough to land in ideal time to get a table, including neighbourhood VIPs who have made this their preferred daytime frequent.

    • Franticness – Social Clinic

    Franticness models itself as a café center point. Since the space is part into three, even the crankiest coffee shop makes certain to discover something that satisfies him. To start with, there’s the Social Clinic, a resto-bar themed rather inquisitively around medical clinics. As a sufferer of numerous therapeutic illnesses, I can’t state how tempting the wheelchairs and syringes will be nevertheless its café promises us this is an arrangement we make certain to cherish. The nourishment is a mix of North Indian, Italian and South East Asian, intending to discover something for everybody.

    • Mahesh lunch home

    Mahesh Lunch Home

    Mahesh lunch home serves the North Indian food. They also serve the south Indian and Chinese dishes, although it is best to stick to coastal seafood here. Besides Konkan and Goa-style preparations, they also do a variety of South Indian delicacies such as prawns gassi, crab Chettinad and even kori roti.  Tandoori fish kababs are highly beloved, but also try the bombil koliwada are scrumptious. Mainly the crab masala fry comes highly recommended in Mahesh lunch home.

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