Indo Bangla Baul Festival

Indo Bangla Baul Festival
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    Indo Baul Festival is a Festival spread from Bangladesh. This festival is celebrated among the Indian’s from West Bengal, Tripura and Assam’s and People from Bangladesh. So, it is called the Indo-Bangla Baul Festival. It is a three-day-long festival comprises of Baul songs named Indo Bangla Baul Music Festival ended last evening with spellbinding performances by Bauls from India and Bangladesh. The program was organized to celebrate the death anniversary of Baul saint Fakir Lalon Shah. In 2019 this Baul Festival held in Dhaka.

    People Dancing In Indo Bangla Baul Festival

    About Baul Music

    • The Word Baul means “afflicted with the wind disease” which is a particular form of a folk word and folk music.
    • Baul music is a type of folk music that belongs to Bangladesh and West Bengal.
    • This festival is dedicated to Baul saint Fakir Lalon Shah, the most celebrated Baul saint in the History of Baul’s.
    • This music is comprised of using mainly two instruments i.e. khamak, a string instrument with one or two strings attached to the head of a small drum or an ektara, a plucked single string drone.
    • khanjani, a tambourine without jangles, Mandira or Kartal which are small bell-shaped cymbals or ramchaki, a pair of wooden clappers with jangles.
    • This music gives the thought for in search of God.
    • Baul songs are characterized by a kind of queerness which makes them very amusing.

    About the Baul Festival

    • Every year more than 25 Bauls are performing at this Festival.
    • This program is organized by the Lalon Biswasangha was supported by the Indian High Commission.
    • This Festival is also known as Baul Gaan Festival.
    • In which Bauls singers from India wapan Adhikari, Karuna Prasad and Ila Biswas from India and Baul singers from Bangladesh like Tuntun Baul, Razzak Fakir, Abu Bakr Siddik and Arefina Iva are there for sure.
    • It is not only performing Songs, apart from that a seminar is organized on Philosophy Fakir Lalon Shah from prominent scholars like Abdul Mannan, former Director-General of Nazrul Institute Mohammad Nurul Huda.
    • Lalon Fakir’s teachings are the essence of root to Humanism.

    Baul Festival 2019

    • In 2019 this Festival is held at an open stage of Suhrawardy Udyan of the capital Dhaka of Bangladesh, which is a historical place.
    • It was started on the 10th October and closing ceremony of the three-day festival held on October 12.
    • The chief Guests where State Minister for Primary and Mass Education Mohammad Zakir Hossain, Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh: Riva Ganguly Das, human rights activist Aroma Dutta.
    • To observe the 129th death anniversary of Baul saint Fakir Lalon Shah at a national level, Lalon Biswasangha, in association with Cultural Ministry, Indian High Commission is organized the three-day festival.
    • Baul singers of Bangladesh and India present their performances every day from 7 pm to 10 pm during the Festival.
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