Everything About RG Chandramogan, The Founder of Hatsun Argo & Arun Ice Creams

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    Here is Everything About RG Chandramogan

    In summer, our eyes search for Ice creams and tongue search for not only ice cream… Arun cream…yes, it is real and true. Do you know why?

    The most Famous Arun Ice Creams was started in 1970 as a little adventure by RG Chandramogan, the child of a vegetable wholesale distributor. Chandramogan was born in Thiruthangal, Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu. The first business person from Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu.

    R.g. Chandramogan giving speech

    The decision of business for the then 21-year-old depended on the capital he could raise. Different organizations required substantial venture. It is said that he raised ₹13,000/ – by selling family land and put it in the ice-cream business, and named it RG Chandramogan and Co. With only three employees in house, it at first worked out of a leased 250 sq. ft. territory; ice confections were set up here and sold out of carts.

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    It was a risky business in those days as the southern market was ruled by brands of Kwality walls, Amul and Rita. There were around 3,500-4,000 little scale ice-cream sellers like Arun. Arun Ice creams made own brand stand apart even as others blurred away. As all other indigenous brands fighting for a piece of the action at the national level… Arun made its Path and became a ruler of ice cream brands. In the first year with a turnover of Rs. 1, 50,000. But coming to the 1990s, they crossed Rs. 3 crore. What other than success is defined?

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    Arun ice creams ended up perhaps the greatest player in the State in the ice cream industry. In any case, Chandramogan didn’t stop at that — he spread into the dairy business since they were always in contact with ranchers crosswise over Tamil Nadu. In this way was Hatsun Agro Product was born in 1986. Chandramogan at first needed to call it ‘Hotsun’; however he felt Hatsun had a pleasant ring to it. Today, more than four lakh ranchers are related to them and Hatsun has made a model to such an extent that there are no center men among themselves and the ranchers. “This is principally to control costs better,” he clarifies.

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    Chandramogan has made some amazing progress from his minor plant cum-deals outlet: today, his organization’s developed region estimates a 3,000,000 sq.ft. Furthermore, around 8,000 employees in the branch. His organization propelled Ibaco six years back that gives ice cream lovers a chance to make ice cream as scoops with a selection of toppings in a pleasantly done-up parlor. What a great experience other than an ice cream favorite needs?

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    A New Tradition in design 

    Chandramohan put resources into the best innovation to keep his ice cream brand in front of the rest. Aside from cone and chocolate designs, Arun has a well-prepared bundling and generation line, and a cool storeroom that can hold as long as 10 days’ stock. Master ice cream technologists and the board workers were named to keep the quality steady and development levels high.

    Arun Cone Ice Creams

    Arun Ice Creams wound up celebrated for the assortment of flavors it offers, which included flavors dependent on conventional Indian desserts, and the new flavors presented each season. Its ‘Cassatta cut’ ice creams as yet a firm most loved among regulars. Bars, cups, ‘ibars’, ‘ibar minis’, symbols, specialties, tubs, children’s bar and so forth make up its portfolio. As a result of power over milk acquirement, Arun has had the option to reliably look after its ‘creamier’ USP in frozen yogurts, with 12 percent fat substance.

    R.g. Chandramogan In A Meeting

    With over more than 2,300 parlors in over Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh, Arun as of late entered Maharashtra and Orissa. It is likewise present in outside business sectors, for example, Seychelles and Brunei. Unmistakably, the sun, as in its image name, continues sparkling on Arun.

    Some facts about Chandramogan

    • Chandramogan is a first Business tycoon in Tamilnadu
    • His Son C. Sathyan is the executive director of Hatsun Agro.
    • He is a Badminton player and a champion for continuous 2 years & Enjoys Reading books .
    • Arokya and Gomatha are two milk production lines from Hatsun Agro Ltd. 
    • They are one of the major selling markets in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana.
    • His Companies as a total of 6.25 lakhs of milk production daily and 1.55 lakh only sold in Chennai itself.
    • These companies have dairy units in Kancheepuram, Chennai, Salem, Madurai, Coimbatore, Belgium, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Bangalore, and Goa.
    • His companies sell more than 1 million liters of Milk every day all over India.
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